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Recipients of the Jacob S. Zweig Excellence in Service Award

We are honored to be the recipients of the Jacob S. Zweig Excellence in Service Award at this year's EVERY SOLE COUNTS event sponsored by IN JACOB'S SHOES. In Jacob's Shoes is very important to us. We have provided them with over 1000 pairs of shoes, and our partnership means our shoes are cleaned, sanitized, and distributed to those most in need.

In Jacob's Shoes provides children in need the opportunity to walk with pride and go to school prepared and with dignity. Formed in loving memory of Jacob S. Zweig, In Jacob's Shoes is a 501(c)(3) public charity which provides shoes, backpacks, school supplies and athletic gear to South Florida children in need. To learn about their mission and about Jacob's legacy, click here.

Brandon was running track in Districts so my mom was my date. It was a special night.

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