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Here's our story. My twin brother and I went shopping with our parents for lacrosse equipment. We were new to the sport and had to buy a lot of stuff. When the bill came, we were shocked at how expensive everything was. I said to my brother, "Do you realize there are kids in the world who can't afford this stuff?" And it's not just the equipment. There's uniforms and playing fees, too.

We talked about it with our parents and decided to help those in need. It was that simple.

Don't let anyone spoil your dreams. One of our friends heard our idea and said, "It's been done before." We decided that it hadn't been done by us. We would make it special and unique. Imagine if we all walked away from good deeds or ideas because they've been done before.

To date, we have collected over 5,000 pairs of shoes for kids in need and have been featured in the Miami Herald, Sun-Sentinel, and Jewish Journal.

Click4Cleats accepts all athletic sneakers for boys and girls, and ballet and dance shoes for girls. If you can't donate shoes, giftcards to retail stores for the purchasing of shoes are appreciated.

If you are interested in partnering with us in your community, please let us know at our email addresses below.

Brandon & Jordan Weinstein

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